FUN's relative means something different for everyone. For us, the cottage is the epitome of FUN. It's a place where we get together with friends, a place to relax and enjoy ourselves, a place to recharge our batteries.

For the kids the cottage means outdoor fun. In the summer, that means kayaking, swimming, tadpoles, inchworms, all the beautiful little chipmunks and other little forest animals too numerous to count. In the winter it means SLEDDING!!!!! The kids love to slide down the various slopes all around the cottage. There is also fort building and snowball fights, snowshoeing, skiing and skating on the lake (once M. Therrien, our chef du lac,  gives us the green light of course.)

For me it's watching my kids explore nature rather than being plugged into technology 24/7. It's also quiet...there is a lot to be said about quiet.

If you are looking for a fun place to spend some time recharging your batteries or exploring the outdoors and all that the Laurentians have to offer, we are now taking reservations for the winter/ski season. Please visit our Promotions page as well as our Rates and Availability page and our Calendar.


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