Cozy...that warm fuzzy feeling you get when all is right in the world and you're in a happy place...that's the cottage. Whether you're in the kids' room or in the kitchen or in the mezzanine master or better yet sipping a cup of coffee admiring the view of the lake from the living room, every nook and cranny of the cottage just oozes coziness.

I knew from the first moment I saw a picture of the cottage that it was the one...the hubby not so much. We had to look at a few others before I put my foot down and told him I wanted to see "my cottage". Well don't you know, he was the first to walk through the door and within seconds he said "this is the one"... I could have killed him.

We stayed for 2 hours that day ...we did NOT want to leave! The kids didn't want to leave! It was a match made in heaven. Two months later the cottage was ours.

We had asked the previous owner if she could leave us the beds she had upstairs until our beds came in. I remember the first couple of weeks, the 4 of us camping out on the two mattresses stuck together in the middle of the empty living room. It was so exciting and yes even then it was cozy!

The cottage has changed a lot since then but the feelings have not.

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